Updated November 29, 2017
Taftville Fire Dept.
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Truck Rollover
Oct 4, 2016
- At 21:25 hrs, The Taftville and Occum Fire Departments were
dispatched to an unknown area on Old Canterbury Turnpike for a one car
rollover. Car 2 and ET-21 arrived on scene in the area of 245 Old
Canterbury Turnpike and found a vehicle had struck a pole and was on its
side. Both occupants were treated and transported. Occum assisted with
scene safety. The scene was turned over to the Norwich Police Department.
Jewett City Basement fire
Oct 1, 2016, Tower-25 & ET-22 were requested mutual aid to the Borough
of Jewett City for a basemnet fire on Tracy Ave. Tower-25 arrived, set up
aerial and ground ladders, and provided fireground support to interior
crews. The fire was quickly knocked down by Jewett City and Plainfield
crews. ET-22 was returned to quarters by command. The fire in under
Jewett City Building Fire

Nov 1, 2016 - at 2am, Tower-25 and Et-22 were requested to the buidling fire
on High St in the borough of Jewett City. Tower-25 was O.O.S due to a electrical
issue, so ET-22 responded with a full crew of 6 interior firefighters.  Once on
scene were wer split up and assigned to assist Lisbon on the roof with
ventilation and the remainder of the crew was assigned interior fire suppression
support of opening walls and celings to search for hidden fires.
2nd Alarm building fire in Greenville

Oct 30, 2016 - Taftville was dispatched on a 2nd alarm assignment to the
Kleemans auto repair facilty on North Main St for a building fire. Tower-25 &
ET-22 responded. Tower 25 set up on the B side and ET-22 laid two separate
feeder lines to Tower-25 and a Norwich engine.  All companies worked
together as a team to control and confine this fire to one area of the
buisness.  Everyones efforts helped save the rest of the building.
Odor of Natural gas on Mahan Dr

Oct 29, 2016 - ET-21, Tower-25 & Rescue-2 responded to a report of
natural gas by a passerby by Norwich Tech on Mahan Dr. Crews split up and
worked with Norwich Public Utilities to meter 2 schools and the senior center
to ensure no gas leaks.  No leaks were found and all units went in service.
2 car accident sends one into bus stop

Oct 16, 2016 At 17:30hrs this evening ET-21, Rescue-2, & ET-22 responded
to a auto accident on Providence St. Upon arrival we found 2 car hit, forcing
one into the bus stop. 2 occupants were stuck in the car, the jaws of life from
the rescue was pulled out but crews were able to pry the door open with a
halligan bar. 1 had non-life threatening injuries. The bus stop was roped off
until the SEAT co can have it repaired. Thankfully no one was in the bus stop
3rd Alarm in East Great Plains

Dec 31, 2016 - Tower-25 & ET-22 responded on a 3rd alarm building fire in East Great
Plains.  Tower-25 was the 3rd due aerial device for the east side of the building.  Et-22
provided water supply from Laurel Hill HT-6.  Crews worked for about 4 hours to bring
this fire under control.
FAST Team To Griswold House fire

Dec 26,2016 - At 14:32 ET-22 responded to Griswold as the FAST team
for the working fire on Monday afternoon. Thankfully their services were
not needed, and were released once the fire was under control in about
an hour
Auto vs Pole with fire

Dec 21, 2016 - At 1:30am, Taftville was dispatched to a auto vs pole, reported
person trapped, ? on fire. Car-2, ET-21,& Rescue-2 responded and found a car
hit a pole, the pole was on fire and luckily the occupant self extricated with no
injuries. Firefighters waited for public utilities to confirm power was out before
extinguishing the fire.
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3rd Alarm Building fire

July 3, 2017 - At 05:25hrs this Morning, Norwich 911 dispatch started fielding
multiple 911 calls reporting a building fire at 1-3 South 2nd Ave. Car-2 arrived
immediately and declared a working fire. A 3rd Alarm was requested which brought
the following departments Occum, Yantic, City of Norwich, Lisbon, Baltic, Jewett City,
East Great Plains, Laurel Hill FD, Mohegan Tribal FAST, Bozrah, & American
Ambulance. Crews found heavy fire in the basement extending up to the upper floors.
Engine and crews worked to try and bring the fire under control. After a couple hours,
the fire was deemed under control and the investigation process was started by the
Norwich FMO, Police and state FMO. The cause is still under investigation. No
injuried were reported. Side Note ** A fire occurred here on Saturday November 12,
1983 which the roof burned off the building.
Truck vs Pole, down embankment send 2 to hospital
June 6, 2017 - Just before 9pm, Taftville was dispatched to an auto accident with
injuries on Rt-97. Crews arrived to find a pickup had hit a power pole at a high rate
of speed, traveled across the roadway, gone through a metal fence, down an
embankment and off a retaining wall. Firefighters had to use ladders to access the
occupants and found 2 seriously injuried patients. Fireman from Rescue-2 secured
the truck with paratech struts while the remaining crew provided patient care and
worked to extricate the injuried via stokes baskets and ground ladders. After
extrication, a couple firefighters rode in the ambulance to assist the paramedic
render care to the seriously injuried. The road was closed for roughly 6 hous while a
new pole was installed. Norwich PD are investigating.
Basement Fire in Jewett City

Oct 30, 2017 - Just before 11pm, in the middle of a powerful rain & wind storm,
Tower-25 and ET-22 responded to Soule St in Jewett City for a basement fire.
Crews found a electrical fire in the basement stairwell and had to wait for Jewett
City electric to kill the power before final extinguishment.  Crews worked for 2
hours.   Once back in town, crews came across down trees and responded to a
handful of calls due to the storm.
Box Alarm Summons Medical Aid
Nov 19, 2017
- Last night around midnight, a ill elderly resident was attempting to
drive themselves to the hospital when their condition started to deteriorate, they
were able to pull up to the fire house and activate the fire alarm box which alerted
members to their emergency. Within minutes, members arrived and provided
medical aid while we awaited an ambulance. Upon arrival of the ambulance the
patient was loaded and transported to the hospital. To help the elderly couple
through there difficult time, the members drove the elderly couples car to the
hospital for them so their vehicle would not be stranded at the fire station. We wish a
speedy recovery for the patient and hope we were able to make the worse part of
your day a little better.