Taftville Kept Busy

August 3, 2006 -
Taftville was kept busy today as a little bit of everything happened in Taftville.  In the morning,
ET-21 responded to a lawnmower fire on Wayne St.  The home owner was able to knock the fire down with a garden
hose prior to 21's arrival.  At 17:30hrs a severe thunderstorm rolled thru the area causing heavy downpours and
dangerous lightning to touch down.  Heavy winds caused trees limbs to fall on power lines.  At 17:40hrs Taftville was
dispatched to wires down on Harland Rd.  The scene was secured until Norwich Public Utilities arrived to secure the
power.  At 18:18hrs, Taftvile was notified of smoke coming from a home on Prentice st.  Et-21 responded from
Harland Rd and a full assignment from Occum was requested.  ET-21, Tower 25 and Occum ET-42 arrived 6
minutes later to find smoke coming from a 2 story wood home.  A civilian was training a garden hose on the house.  
Yantic FAST was started then an response was upgrade to a full assignment from Yantic.  The quick actions of the
firefighters stopped the fire, that was located between the 1st and 2nd floor.  3 Firefighters were transported to the
hospital for heat related injuries.  The heat index was over 100 degrees.  Another thunderstorm rolled thru just as
crews were picking up from the fire.  That storm was described as being 100 miles long stretching from Boston to
New York City.   Taftville was then dispatched to another wires down and a 2 car head-on on Taftville-Occum Rd.  It
was reported that there was entrapment and serious injuries.  Upon arrival of Occum and Taftville units it was
determined there was no entrapment but 2 victims were tranported ALS.  Units returned to quarters around midnight.
Photos by Frank Blanchard, Bob Ladd, Mark Gilot, & Shane Dupuis
Lawnmower Fire on Wayne St
Taftville & Occum firefighters acsend  a ground ladder to access the fire
Taftvile & Occum Crews open up the exterior walls to get to the fire
Et-21 and Tower 25 on Prentice St
2 Car Head-on on Tafville-Occum Rd