Electrical Fire on Taftville-Occum Rd

July 21,2006 - At around 12:30hrs Taftville was dispatched mutual aid to a
basement fire on Taftville-Occum Rd in the Occum Section.  Et-21, Tower-25
and Et-22 responded with 10 firefighters.  The fire was in an electrical fuse box.  
the fire was extinguished when power was cut to the building.  No firefighters
were injuried.
Occum ET-42 in front of the address
Taftville ET-21,Tower 25, ET-22 with ET-42 on right
Above-The electrical fuse box where the fire started, notice the damage to the left fuse
box.  while checking the house with a TIC, it was noticed numerous air conditioners, TV's,
and other appliances were running off this old 110v system.  With all the appliances that we
in the united states use today, these old systems can not take the required
voltage.amperage for today appliances
The fuse blocks that were pulled from the panel