FAST Assignment to Griswold

January 27, 2007 - At 00:45hrs Taftville FAST was requested to the town of Griswold for a working
structure fire on Lisa Ave.  ET-22 responded with 6 firefighters.  Upon arrival a large 2 stry garage was well
invovled with fire.  Sta 56 & 55 crews had deployed a blitz-fire and 2 1/2 inch lines to confine the fire and
spray an exposure.  As most of you know a fire in a rural area takes alot of water. Additional tankers from
Voluntown and Lisbon also responded.  No one was injuried. The Griswold FMO is investigating. .
A view of the fire from between JC ET-156 and Griswold ET-355
Firefighters spray the "smoking" exposure
Jewett City firefighters await water for the blitz-fire
Taftville FAST set-up in the front yard
Taftville firefighters Eric Benoit and Brian Tuttle operate a handline