Taftville Open House 2008

Oct 12, 2008
- The Taftville & Occum fire departments held their joint Open House on Sunday Oct 12, 2008.  
All City of Norwich agencies were in attendance for the public to ask questions and get the answers they are
looking.  Norwich Public Utilities, Norwich Emergency Management had demonstration and informational tables
set up, Norwich police displayed their crime van, Laurel Hill and Norwich displayed their Forestry equipment.  
Yantic displayed their Haz-Mat trailer.  Other demonstrations were a home sprinkler demonstration by the
American Fire Sprinkler Assoc. and Taftville firefighter demonstrated the proper use of a fire extinguisher and
the hazards and safety of cooking.  The Taftville and Occum fire department would like to say thank You to all
the City agencies that participated and the residents for attending.  See you next year.
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All city agencies participated in the 2008 Open
L to R Occum Eng-42 & Sq-4, Taftville ET-22,
21, Laurel Hill HT-6 and Taftville SQ-2
L to R Laurel Hill Sq-66, Yantic Sq-36 with
Haz-Mat Trailer, UTV6 and Norwich Forestry1
American Fire Sprinkler Assoc. Demonstration
Trailer. Click on name for website
Sprinkler Demonstration
Fire starts in metal can
Fire grows in double in size every minute
Fire ignites curtains
Sprinkler activates, extinguishing fire and saving property.
Smokey "The Bear" Stopped by to say Hi!
Taftville firefighters demonstrate fire extinguisher use and cooking fire hazards
The Taftville fire department would like to remind everyone that if a fire occurs in your home, business or property,
no matter how small, don't attempt  to fight it.  Get everyone out or away from the fire and call 911.  The Taftville
Fire Department and all the Norwich fire companies are trained professionals. We are trained to handle fires,
fighting fires is dangerous and you could lose your life.  If you had an electrical problem, you call an electrician, if
your pipes were leaking, you would call a plumber,  so if you have a fire please call the fire department.