Special Call for Rescue-2 to I-395 Rollover

January 1, 2010 - Around 08:00hrs the Occum fire department with a special call for Taftville Rescue-2 to I-395 SB at Ex 83
for a DOT truck rollover.  Units arrived to find a DOT supervisor pick-up on its side. Thankfully there were no injuries.  Crews
control hazards and awaited a wrecker. CSP are investigating
Barn Fire on Old Tarryk Farm

Jan 19, 2010 - At 01:09hrs the Occum and Taftville fire departments were alerted to a fire at the old Tarryk farm on Canterbury
Turnpike.  Deputy Chief Dupuis arrived to find a 50x30 barn 60% involved in fire. Occum crews attacked the fire while Taftville
established a water supply and supported occum in containing the fire to the original building.  Quick work to extinguish the
fire prevented nearby exposures from igniting.  The Norwich PD and FMO are investigating.
Greenville 2nd Alarm Fire on Prospect St

Jan 23, 2010 - just before 19:00hrs, Taftvlle was dispatched on a 2nd alarm building fire in the Greenville section of the city.  
Tower-25 and ET-21 crews worked with city firefighters in an aggressive attempt to control the fire on the 2nd and 3rd floor
but the fire was in the walls, floor and ceilings.  Crews reported spongey floor which prompted an evacuation and exterior
attack.  Water supply was hampered after a motorist drove over a supply line, which added additonal engines to support
water supply and pumping.
Full Assignment on Jewett City 2nd Alarm

Jan 25, 2010 - around 23:23hrs Taftville firefighters were alerted to join Jewett City, Griswold, Lisbon, and Voluntown
fireifghters at the scene of a building fire on North Main St.  Crews made an aggressive interior attack from the basement to
the 3rd floor.  Once crews made the 3rd floor condition got worse and evacuation order was given by the incident
commander. Once all firefighter were accounted for exterior operations went under way.  Two firefighters were injuried and
taken to a local hospital.  The cause is still under investigation
2nd Fire on Tarryk Farm Property in 15 Days

Feb 3, 2010 - At 04:50hrs, The Occum and Taftville fire departments were alerted again to Tarryks farm for a building fire.  
Norwich Police investigating another incident discovered the building fire.  Deputy Chief Dupuis arrived to find a 2 stry farm
house with a active fire in  the basement.  Occum and Taftville crews quickly found the fire and extinguished it.  The Norwich
FMO, PD and State Fire Marshals office are investigating.
Dive team responds to their first call

Feb 4, 2010 - Around 11:30hrs - The Baltic FD with special call from the Norwich Underwater Search and Rescue team
responded to the Shetucket River by the Sprague/Norwich town-line for a snow tube in the water with possibly someone
hanging on to it.  All agencies arrived to find a snow tube on the icy shetucket surrounded by river debris.  Quick
assessment by the team determined this was a surface ice operation.  One member of the team was sent on the ice to
recover the tube and check for victims, the tube was recovered and no victims were found
Norwich Ave Crash required Door-Pop

March 2010 - Around 16:20hrs, Taftville was alerted to an auto accident on Norwich Ave at South B St.  Crews arrived under
the command of Asst. Chief Tom Jencks.  It was determined extrication was needed using the "Jaws of Life" to remove one
injuried occupant. American transported the injuried to a local hospital.
Canterbury Turnpike Gas Grill Fire

March 16, 2010 - Around 18:00hrs, Taftville was alerted to a Gas Grill Fire on Canterbury Turnpike.  Crews arrived and
found that a gas grill had caught on fire and damage the residence.  The leaking gas grill was removed from the grill, away
from the residence and a hoseline was used to disperse the gas vapor, the remaining fire was extinguished.  Norwich FMO
is investigating
Dry weather brings brush fires

March 20, 2010 - On a nice Saturday afternoon, Taftville was dispatched to a brush fire on South A St. A unattended burn
caught some dry brush on fire.  the fire extended into a garage and was quickly contained.  the Norwich FMO is investigating.
Auto Accident with Extrication

March 24, 2010 - Just before 01:00hrs - taftville was alerted to an auto accident on Norwich ave with injuries.  Car-20 arrived
and found a two car with entrapment.  ET-21 and Rescue-2 worked to extricate the victim.  The victim was extricated and
transported by American Ambulance.
Taftville responds to over 100 Calls for Service During Major Rain Storm

March 29,2010 - A major storm hit Connecticut causing historic flooding in most of Eastern Ct.  Taftville was like most towns
and had there share of Floods, evacuations and basement pumping.  Also during this storm Taftville crews had two small
fires and a couple auto accidents.  
Small Fire in Merchants Ave Apartment building

March 31, 2010 - just before midnight, Taftville was alerted to a building fire on Merchants Ave.  Car-29 arrived and reported a
fire in the bathroom.  A 2 Engine and one Tower Ladder assignment responded.  The fire was quickly extinguished and the
fire is under investigation by the Norwich FMO
Fire Alarm Activates when fire occurrs in Sacred Heart School

April 1, 2010 - Around 05:30 hrs, Taftville was alerted for a fire alarm at the Sacred Heart School on Hunters Ave.  While
crews were responding, a 2nd 911 call reported a fire in the basement.  Crews found a small fire and moderate smoke in
the basement.  The building was ventilated and the Norwich FMO and Health Dept were on scene for the investigation and to
ensure the school was  safe for the kids
Taftville Honors A Fallen Soldier

April 16, 2010 - Taftville firefighters along with many people and organizations from eastern Connecticut honored a fallen
hero Lance Corp Tyler Griffin who was killed by a roadside IAD in Afganistan.  Taftville's Tower-25 held the American flag
with the Jewett City FD as Lance Corp Tyler Griffin was returned home to Voluntown and also held the flag on the day of his
funeral service. Tylers Funeral was held in Voluntown and his burial was at Arlington Cemetary
Taftville responds to Lisbon House Fire

April 24, 2010 - At 15:53hrs, Taftville was dispatched to Lisbon for a house fire.  Taftville ET-21 and Tower-25 arrived at the
same time as Lisbon Engine-154 to find a private dwelling with fire blowing out 7 windows.  Crews made and aggressive
attack was able to hold the fire to the room of origin. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Lisbon fire marshal.
Taftville Responds to Norwich Mill Fire

April 27, 2010 - At 03:04hrs, The Norwich FD was dispatched to the old Capehart mill on North Main St for a building fire.  
NFD Eng-2 whose quarters are across the street reports a working fire and requested a 2nd Alarm.  A 3rd alarm was
quickly started with a strike team of aerial devices.  Taftvile was given Sector B which was the north end of the complex.  
ET-21 drafted out of the canal, who feed EGP ET-51 who feed Tower 25 and handled all suppression efforts on the North
End. Chief Jencsk commanded The B Sector. More pics to follow
Rescue-2 crew extricates one from Occum Rollover

May 6, 2010 - On Thursday evening, The Occum fire departments with special call for Taftville Rescue-2 responded to
Rt-97 for a vehicle rollover with entrapment.  Crews stablized the vehicle and used to the jaws of life to remove the victim
from the wreckage.  Two victims were transport to Backus hospital
Early Morning Norwich Ave Garage Fire

June 5, 2010 - Just after 03;00hrs, Taftville was alerted for a garage fire on the access rd to Bob's Warehouse off Norwich
Ave.  Units arrived to find one bay of a 3 bay garage well involved in fire.  It took crews about 20 minutes to contain the fire.  
the fire inunder investigation by the Norwich FMO and NPD
Yantic 3rd Alarm Building Fire

June 5, 2010 - Around 14:00hrs - Taftville joined the Yantic Fire Engine Company #1 at a apartment building fire on
Scotland Rd.  Engine-21 provided water supply while Tower 25 provided ventilation and fireground support.  A tanker task
force was needed for this fire as this area has no fire hydrants.  The cause of this fire is under investigation.
Dive team assigned to Shetucket River Incident

June 20, 2010 - around 11:30hrs, The NURS was assigned to a truck in the Shetucket River in the Greenville section of
Norwich.  Divers conducted a shore dive to ensure, no one was in the vehicle and assisted Norwich PD with theie
investigation.  No one was found and it appeared the vehicle had been there for some time.
Department celebrates 3rd annual "Old Timers Day"

June 2010 - The department celebrated it's 3rd annual Old Timers Day in which the department has a dinner for all the
retired members of the department.  This event has been a success where old photos and stories are shared with the
younger firefighters of the department.
NURS Activated for 4th time this year

June 2010 - The NURS was activated to a drowning in the Ashland Pond in Jewett City.  Divers searched for hours until
they were called off due to approaching thunderstorms.  The NURS worked with the Jewett City, other local FDs as well as
CSP Dive team and QV South Dive.
Prentice St Brush Fire

July 1 2010 - Taftville was alerted to a brush fire in the wooded area off Prentice St.  Crews arrived to find a fast moving
brush fire between the Mobil gas station and Prentice St.  The fire was quickly contained and no buildings were affected.  
Norwich PD is investigating
Auto vs Pole on Harland Rd

July 5 ,2010 - Just after 8 am, Taftville was alerted to an auto vs pole on Harland Rd. Units arrived to find a single auto vs
pole, power was out in the area and one person was injuried.  The injuried was treated and the road was closed for a couple
of hours
NURS to City of Norwich Drowning

July 9, 2010 - The NURS was dispatched to it's 4th call of the year when a Norwich resident fell into the Shetucket river and
reportly drowned.  The dive team worked with other city and state agencies to attempt to locate the missing man.
Hunters Rd Truck Rollover with Fire

August 20,2010 - Around 13:30hrs, Taftville was alerted to a truck rollover on Hunters Rd.  Norwich Fire updated responding
units that there were no injuries but the vehicle was on fire.  Crews arrived to find a flat-bed pick-up had rolled over and was
40% involved in fire.  The fire was quickly extinguished and luckily no injuries.
Taftville Removes Injuried Person from Fairview Resevior

Oct 30, 2010 - On this afternoon, members of the department removed a injuried person on the trails around the Fairview
Resevoir.  A hiker suffered non-life threatening injuries about 3/4 of mile in the woods and had to be extracted by ATV to an
awaiting American Ambulance.  The total extraction time took 47 minutes.
Taftville Assists with Occum Auto fire

Oct 31, 2010 - Taftville ET-21 and Car-28 responded to Rt-97 at I-395 to assist Occum with a vehicle fire.  Upon 21's arrival,
Occum crews had knocked down an engine and wheel compartment fire.  The cause is under investigation.
Taftville 2nd Alarm + Apartment Building Fire

Nov 20, 2010 Just after 16:30hrs, Taftville was dispatched to South C St and South 3rd for a building fire. Asst Chief Tom
Jencks was on scene and bystanders reported an occupant was trapped on the 2nd floor.  Taftville's 1st Engine and Ladder
arrived 3 minutes from the alarm with 10 firefighters and started searching for the victim
Propane tank leaks in Little Valley mobile home park

Nov 23, 2010 - around 11am, Taftville was dispatched to Little Valley mobile home park for a propane leak.  Crews arrived
on scene to find a 250lb propane tank leaking from the top with propane vapors crawling down the tank.  Nearby home were
evacuated and a hoseline was places on the leaking tank.
Taftville Fire participates in "Wreaths Across America"

Dec 11, 2010 - Taftville Fire department member participated jointed the Taftville VFW, and Boy Scout in placing wreaths
on graves of veterans at the Sacred Heart Cemetary on Harland Rd.  For some of our members this was especially
personal as some of our member's families are buried in this cemetary,
Providence St Extrication

Dec 16, 2010 - Around 10:30hrs, TFD was dispatched to an EMS run and an auto accident on Providence St at South 2nd
Ave.  A crew responded in Squad 2 to the EMS call and ET-21 & Rescue-2 responded to the auto accident where a car was
T-Boned by a mini-van.  1 victim had to be extricated with the "Jaws of Life". All injuries were non-life threatening. Norwich
PD is investigating.