Two car auto accident with one overturned

Feb 12, 2011 - At around 07:00hrs, Taftville Fire, American Ambulance and Norwich PD were dispatched to Harland Rd at Old
Canterbury turnpike for an auto accident with one overturned. Taftville firefighters had to extricate one occupant of one of the
vehicles. Norwich police are investigating.
Engine & Tower on Lisbon House Fire

Feb 16, 2011 - at 5:58hrs, the Lisbon, Jewett City and Taftville fire departments responded to Bundy Hill Rd for a house fire,
Crews arrived to find a single story house under renovation that had been completely destroyed.  The 1st units on scene found
that the house had already burnt to the ground.  All that remained was overhaul of the remains.  Lisbon and State FMO is
Taftville assists Lisbon with Large Woods Fire off Rt-169

April 9, 2011 - Taftville along with numerous other departments converged on a large wooded area off Rt-169 in Lisbon where a
large woods fire has taken place.  Fire crews used UTV's & Forestry units to contain the fire by using water, hand tools, and making
fire lines to contain the fire. The fire took 3 1/2 hours to control.
House fire, Firefighters falls thru floor, RIT team activated

April 15, 2010 - At 03:50 hrs, Taftville was dispatched to Harland Place for a house fire with people trapped.  Crews arrived to
find the 2 story home 50% involved in fire.  The civilians had jumped to safety.  In the process of fire attack, the attack team got in
trouble when part of the floor gave way and a mayday was given.  The Mohegan Tribal FAST was activated and through team
work of TFD and MTFD the distressed firefighters were safely removed from danger.  The cause in under investigation
Southside Kitchen Fire

April 15, 2011 - Just before 18:00hrs, Taftville was alerted to a stove fire on South A St.  Crews arrived to find an active fire on the
stove extending into the cabinets.  The fire was quickly extinguished.  The incident was investigated by the Norwich FMO.
Apartment building fire on Hunters Ave

April 2011 - around 1800 hrs Taftville was alerted to a building fire on Hunters Ave.  units arrived to find the back porches of a 3
stry wood apartment building on fire.  Crews quickly knocked down the fire but it had already extended into the structure and roof.  
Taftville was assisted by Occum and Yantic firefighters to expose and extinguish the fire.  The cause is still under investigation.
Kimball Heights House Fire

April 19, 2011 - at 19:00hrs fire crews from Lisbon, Jewett City, & Taftville responded to this well involed home on Kimball Heights
in Lisbon.  This fire was well advanced and crews could do no more than contain the fire to the property.  A tanker strike team was
added to the assignment as there are no hydrants in this part of town.  The Lisbon FMO is investigating.
Route 97 Brush Fire

April 21, 2011 - At 12:30hrs, Taftvillle was alerted to a brush fire near a residence on Rt-97. Car-20 arrived and found a wind
driven brush fire racing up a hill towards an occupied home and a vacant garage.  The fire was quickly cut off by hoselines to
confine the fire in the wooded area.  Crews operated for 30 minutes and a cause is unknown
RT-97 Rollover with partial ejection

May 21, 2011- Taftville was alerted to a vehicle rollover on Rt-97 along the "River Stretch".  Car-20 arrived to find a single auto on
its roof over against a embankment with the driver partially ejected.  Medical aid was immediately provided and crews worked 15
minutes to extricate the victim from the auto and transfered them over to American Ambulance paramedics. Norwich PD is
Terrace Ave Kitchen Fire

May 24, 2011 -  Taftville was alerted to a stove fire on Terrace Ave, Crews arrived to find an active fire in the kitchen. A handline
was stretched and the fire was contained to the stove and kitchen cabinets.   The Norwich FMO is investigating.
Commercial Building Fire

June 9, 2011 - Taftville was alerted to a building fire at Jim Woods Electric on Norwich Ave.  Crews arrived to find a working fire in
the work shop area.  Assistance from Occum, Yantic, Norwich, and the Mohegan Tribal FAST.  The cause is under investigation
Full assignment to Occum Mobile Home fire

June 11, 2011- Around 04:30hrs, Taftville was alerted mutual aid to the Occum section for a mobile home fire. Deputy Chief Dupuis
arrived on scene to find active fire burning under a mobile home.  The fire was quickly extinguished and overhaul performed.
Auto Accident and Two Car fires

June 30, 2011 - Just after 17:00hrs - Taftville was dispatched to assist Occum with a auto fire at the Occum package store.  While
enrouteTFD was re-directed to an auto accident on Rt 97 @ I-395.  Once on scene, TFD was then dispatched to another auto fire
on Norwich Ave.  Both vehicles were fully involved and the injuried were transported from the auto accident. All 3 incident were on
the same road and 1 1/2 from each other.
Engine & Tower on City 2nd Alarm fire

July 9, 2011 - Engine-21 and Tower 25 responded on a 2nd alarm fire on Rockwell St in the City's fire district.  ET-21's crew
provided a water supply while Tower-25's crew worked the fire.  Crews from Norwich, Yantic, Taftville, & Laurel Hill worked together
to contain the fire to the building of origin.  The Norwich & State FMO are investigating.
Another Dumpster Fire

July 17, 2011 - Around 19:15hrs Taftville was dispatched to the rear of Sacred Heart School for smoke coming from the building.  
Chief Jencks arrived to find a well involved dumpster fire.  ET-21,22, & Rescue-2 responded along with NPD.
Dive team investigates truck in Shetucket River

July 31, 2011 - Norwich Police requested the Dive team to assist in an investigation of a truck found in the Shetucket River just
North of The Greenville Dam.  This spot has been the scene of numerous vehicles being dumped after being stolen.  The dive
team searched the water and found no victims.  the team assisted the NPD in evidence recovery.  
Concerned resident's 911 call causes a Buzz!

August 1, 2011- Around 17:30 hrs, a concerned resident called 911 to report a crackling sound from the symbolic WICH/WCTY
radio tower off Cuprak Rd.  While ET-21 & Tower 25 responded, crews witness what was believed to be lightning hitting the towers
as the area was experiencing impending thunderstorms.  Once on scene, we could hear the crackling from the radio tower.  After
speaking with the station manager it was discovered that with the pending storms and unstable atmosphere that the radio towers
were generating high amounts of static electricity and the towers were discharging that static to other towers.  While on scene we
witness this event as the static electricity jumped from one tower to the 2nd and then the 3rd tower.  As this is a normal event and
non hazardous to the area no FD action was needed.  Special thanks to the WCTY DJ Dave Elder who jokingly announced on the
air of our response to the station and he quoted
"The FD got an eye opener when they saw our radio tower get hit with lightning,
they got back in their trucks and left! Thanks guys for saving me!  Photo is from WCTY's facebook page
Tropical Storm Irene keeps Taftville fire crews busy

August 29, 2011 - As Tropical Storm Irene hit southern New England, she did not spare our little section of town.  As the wind and
rain started to pick up so did Taftvilles calls for service.  30 Taftville firefighters in 5 different apparatus chased everything from fire
alarms and trees down to generator fires.  In between chasing emergency calls, crews checked on residents with specials needs
and the 2 shelters that were in our area.
Daytime House Fire

September 15, 2011 - Around 15:30hrs, neighbors ran to the firehosue and some call 911 to reports working house fire 3 doors
down from the station.  ET-21 and Tower25 arrived on scene within 1 minutes and found the front porch of 2 story wood duplex
weel involved. With a hydrant in front of the dwellling crews quickly attacke dhte fire and tower crew vented to roof.  No injuries
were reported. FMO reported the fire to be arson and anyone with information about the fire should contact Norwich PD.
Taftville helps with "Dash to Heaven" Road Race

Sept 24, 2011 - Crews from TFD assisted with the annual Sacred heart school "Dash to Heaven" road race.  TFD provided traffic
control and extra safety measures for the 91 runners invovled in the 1 mile road race. No injuries or safety concerned were
Taftville Fire Co #2 is now on Facebook!

Oct 25, 2011 - The Taftville Fire Co #2 has now joined the millions of other emergency services across the world and has joined
facebook.  There we plan on being about to let current, past and retired members of the firehouse activities and our residents of
important safety information and activities.
Taftville"s halloween parade continues tradition and grows

Oct 31, 2011 - As The members of the Fire company continued the long tradition of the hallwoeen parade to the fire station, this
years crowd grew to new records. With over 300 kids being served candy and ice cream, we thank all the members that made it a