Gas Leak forces Businesses to Evacuate

June 28, 2007 - At around 09:14hrs Taftville was dispatched to a gas leak at 509 Norwich
Ave.  Et-21, Tower 25 and Car 20 arrived to find a fork lift had accidentally hit a natural
gas line filling the building with natural gas.   Gas was secured by Norwich public Utilities
and ventilation was in progress.  A worker was injuried when a heating unit fell from the
ceiling.  Taftville crews provided medical care and removed the victim to awaiting
American Ambulance.  
ET-21 and Tower 25 on scene, the leak was on the other side of the TT unit in the foreground
Firefighters Boulanger and Costa set up ventilation for the building
NPU Gas Division capping the line
Taftville crews repacking the self - laid supply line from the hydrant