(2) FAST Assignments in 6 hours

May 15,2005 - The FAST Team was activated for 2 structure fires in 6 Hours in the town of Griswold. The
first Fire was at 88 Edmond Rd.  The fire destroyed the 2nd floor of the residence.  The following
departments responded, Griswold, Jewett City, Voluntown, Lisbon, Griswold Ambulance, and the American

The second fire occurred at 01:03hr and was located at 50 Blossom Ln.  The fire was in a one story ranch
with a attached garage. the fire was contained to the garage and attic area.  the following departments
responded.  Jewett City, Griswold, Lisbon, Voluntown, and Griswold Ambulance
Voluntown and Griswold Firefighters operate on the roof to ventilate the fire
Due to this fire happening on a sunday, there were more then enough personnel
to work this fire
Pictured is Griswold Fire Marshal's (FM-155) vehicle which was also the
command post, and Griswolds ET-355
The FAST Team, L to R Firefighters Jim West, Eric Benoit, Jennie Lavoie, Keith
Lawton, and Lt. Shane Dupuis, Photo by Capt. Tim Jencks