About the Taftville Fire Department
Mission Statement

The mission of the Taftville Volunteer Fire Department Co. #2 Inc. Is to improve
the quality of life within the Taftville Fire District, by providing a high quality
emergency fire and rescue service, an excellent fire prevention program, including
public education, and a fire fighting and rescue force capable of handling all types
of emergencies. The Department will accomplish this mission while maintaining a
high standard of training and education, maintain fire department facilities and
apparatus, and interact professionally with other town and city departments.
History of the Taftville Fire Co #2

On May 31, 1915, one of the greatest fires ever to happen in the
Village of Taftville occurred on this day at the corner of Hunters
Ave and Merchants Ave. Eight Buildings were destroyed and
several others were severely damaged.  The only fire protection at
the time was a small hose cart that was stationed at the Ponemah
Mill about 5 blocks away.  Many fire departments from around the
county responded.  After this major fire, the merchants and
property owners of Taftville decided to start their own fire
company.  The first station was built at 15 Merchants Ave, it
housed a hose cart.  As time went on, the fire company purchased
it's first motorized apparatus, then a chief's car and a old Cadillac
ambulance.  In 1968, the department needed more room to expand
and the construction of a new station was started.  In 1969, the new
station opened and it's where the current firehouse is today.  
Today the firehouse has 2 Engines, 1 Tower Ladder, 1 Heavy
Rescue, 1 Service Truck and 2 Watercraft's.
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