The Taftville Fire Company #2 started our cadet program in 2007.  This program was developed
with the intent to provide a safe, yet meaningful experience to the youth of our community.  This
program is to be viewed as an instructional and educational activity.  This program is not intended
to replace fire personnel, but rather expose our youth to the occupation of firefighting.  Safety of our
cadet is the highest priority!  The department has strict guidelines that follow the Connecticut
Department of Labor Laws regarding workers of the age of 16 and 17.

How Old can the Cadets be?

Only the ages of 16 or 17 years of age.  At the age of 18, the member will become a regular

What Do Cadet Do?

1. Attend and take part in supervised training.
2. Wear personnel protective equipment that readily identifies them as a "Cadet Firefighter."
3.Respond to emergencies on fire department apparatus only after receiving proper training.
4. Participate in function within the rehabilitation sector of structural firefighting.
5. Pick up fire hose and clean up at the fire scene after the incident Command declares the area
6. Fight grass fires, after receiving proper training.
7. Perform search and rescue operations, not including structural firefighting
8. Use pneumatic / power driven saws, shears, Hurst-type tools, or other power tools during
training evolutions only
9. Enter the interior of a fire structure after the fire is extinguished and the Incident Commander
has declared the structure safe.
10. Set Up uncharged attack lines (hoses) exterior to the structure.
11. Handle charged hose lines up to 1 3/4" diameter after proper training.
12. Change SCBA bottles at emergency scenes.
13. Perform traffic control duties after recieving proper training.
14. Operate pumps, less than 300 GPM, at an emergency scene.
15. Receive instructions and engage in training that
DOES NOT involve fire,smoke (except
theatrical/latex smoke), toxic, or noxious gas, or hazardous materials or substances

The above duties may be performed between the hours of 06:00am-12:00am

What Cadet Firefighters CAN NOT DO?

1. Drive any department vehicles.
2. Perform interior fire suppression involving structures, vehicles, or wildland fires, except grass
3. Operate personal vehicle with emergency lights.
4. Perform firefighting overhaul duties.
5. Respond to hazardous materials fires, spills, or other events, which may expose the minor to a
toxic and/or hazardous material exceeding 1910.1000 of subpart Z of CFR 1910. (allows for small
vehicle fuel leaks).
6. Perform any activity involving the use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), with
exception of training performed by qualified personnel (after medical certification as required by
7. Enter confined space as defined in 29 CFR 1910.146.
8. Perform "off-shore" ice or water rescue activities.
9. Operate either on or in the boat or jetski with exception of training performed by qualified
10. Ride in the open "jump seat" of open cab engine.
11. Provide or assist with EMS care unless under the direct supervision of an experienced EMT or
officer of the department.

What about School and the Firehouse?

The Taftville Fire Company #2 believes that schooling is an important part of your firefighting
career.  All members of the department have high school diplomas and most have college
educations.  Members of the department are always attending different classes to further prepare
themselves to save life and property.  The most important part of saving lives and property is
having a high school diploma or grader.  The Taftville Fire Department has strict rules on the
firehouse and schooling.  They are as follows:

1. Cadets are permitted access to the station between the hours of 06:00am til 12:00hrs on
weekends and 03:00pm til 12:00am on weekdays.
2. During School vacations and holidays the cadet is allowed access between the hours of
06:00am til 12:00am
3. Cadets MUST maintain an acceptable passing grade throughout the school year.  Any
significant drop and the cadet may be suspended until grades improve.
4. We encourage parents to keep department up to date on their child's studies and how the
department (if any) impacts this.
5. We also provide Computers with restricted internet access to assist in school projects or

How Do I Apply?

If your interested in applying for the cadet program, you may stop by the fire station on our training
night any Tuesday around 7pm or click on the application link on the home page, download the
application and return to the fire station.

Additional Information:

If you are looking for additional information at the state level on this issue, please click on or type  
the following link:    http://www.cga.ct.gov/2006/rpt/2006-R-0772.htm
Cadet Program
Cadet trains with experienced
firefighters on hoseline handling
Cadet Will Hadam training on
cold water rescue suits
Taftville Fire Company #2 Cadet Program
Cadets and Firefighters participate
in Rescue Drill
Members demonstrate how an AED
operates on heart attack victims.