Occum Chimney Fire

January 25, 2007 - Occum and Taftville were dispatched to a chimney fire on Canterbury turnpike.  
While units were enroute, there was some confusion by the caller whether the call was on
Canterbury Turnpike or Old Canterbury Turnpike. Taftville Tower 25 arrived first at the Canterbury
turnpike address an reported an active fire in the chimney.  The remain assignment responded
from the Old Canterbury turnpike address.  The Tower crew was in the process of laddering the
building while Taftville and Occum engine crews worked the inside of the building.  The call went
under control in about 45 minutes.  The Norwich FMO is investigating.
Taftville ET-21 in front of the residence
Taftville Captain Tim Jencks and FF Bill Hadam on the roof
Tower 25 crew laddering the building
Occum firefighters placing their chimney fire equipment in ET-42
Occum IC Dep Chief Bob Riley (Left) gives Norwich fire an update on the incident, while Taftville
FF Ryan Boulanger brings a thermal imaging camera in the residence to check for extension