Taftville assists Sterling FD with a major tire fire at a recycling plant

June 11, 2005 - at around 17:00hrs a 2nd alarm tire fire was dispatched for the Sterling FD. Upon the
arrival of the first units, a large tire fire was found in a pit which was 100ft long, by 40 ft wide and 25 ft
high.  Units on scene realized that this was going to be a major incident and requested mutual aid. At
around 01:30hrs the Taftville FD with a crew of 7 firefighters in Rescue 2 responded to the fire in the
Town of Sterling which is about 20 miles Northeast of Taftville.  In the end, crews from all over
Northeastern CT, and Northern RI responded to this fire that took 16 hours to control.  The State of
Connecticut Foam Trailers from Norwich and Hartford were deployed along with extra foam from
Shipman's Fire Equipment in Waterford.This is the fourth such fire at this plant since it was built in 1991
A view of the scene from the North side of the building.  Pictured are Taftville's
Rescue 2(L), Sterling's Tower 267 (R), and Pomfret Tower 170 (foreground)
Taftville Firefighters Ryan Boulanger (nozzle) and Firefighter Jennie
Lavoie operate a Foam line of the pile of tires
Taftville Firefighters Andrea Rizzuto (nozzle) and Keith Lawton Jr operate
a 2nd foam line on a seperate pile of tires
Community's E-181(right) drafts out of portable tanks to feed fire suppression
operations.  Mortlake ET-290 (left) and a RI unit (in front) dump water into the port-a-
tanks.  Due to the location of the plant and extended operations, a tanker shuttle
had to be conducted to get enough water to support operations.  Note: Community's
E-181 drafted from 3 port-a-tanks at the same time to support operations
Taftville Firefighters Brian Hubbard (nozzle) and Brian Tuttle work a foam line to
support suppression operations