Firefighting Rules


Firefighting Rules




1.      The Fire Department Officers shall appoint engineers.


2.      The number of said engineers shall be determined by a majority vote of the fire-fighting officers to insure a sufficient amount of engineers to operate all apparatus.


3.      Qualifications and methods of training such engineers shall be under the supervision of the Chief Engineer.


4.      No officer shall drive apparatus except when no authorized drivers are available.


5.      Drivers shall at all times drive and operate apparatus in a manner consistent with safety in mind. Due regard for the welfare of the public and the Department shall govern the operation of all apparatus.


6.      Engineers shall be under the supervision of the Chief Engineer and be responsible for the condition of the apparatus and be held strictly accountable for its readiness for service.


7.      Engineers shall observe the following precautions:


  1. Red lights and siren shall be used as emergency warning signals in responding to alarms.


  1. Fire apparatus shall be driven at a safe speed under all conditions in responding to an alarm.


  1. Fire apparatus shall be slowed down and brought to a stop if necessary before crossing dangerous intersections or crossing streets against red lights.


  1. Fire apparatus shall not be backed up at any time, except in an emergency, without a member standing to the side and rear of the apparatus to safely guide the driver. (Exceptions being when no one is available.





1)     All members will be obliged to return from a fire or emergency to the fire station for the replacing of the hose and/or equipment on the apparatus and other duties that may be necessary to place apparatus and equipment back in service.


2)     No member shall leave the scene of a fire or emergency without permission from the officer in charge.





3)     No member shall allow a non-member of the department to operate or ride on the apparatus of the department except by permission of the officer -in-charge.


4)     It shall be the duty and privilege of the most senior member arriving at the firehouse or scene of a fire or other emergency to assume command of the department until the arrival of an officer.


5)     No member shall take it upon himself / herself to give any order whatsoever, except in the case stated in section 4 or under the direction of the superior officer.


6)     No member while under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be allowed on the apparatus or to participate at the scene of a fire or emergency. Should such a member gain admission, it shall be the duty of any officer or member to have him / her removed.


7)     It shall be the duty of each member to observe reasonable care of all fire fighting and rescue equipment in the firehouse, at fires, and at drills, and not to remove such property from the firehouse without the knowledge and consent of an officer. It will then become the duty of the consenting officer to record the name of the person and location of said loaned equipment in the equipment logbook.


8)     Any person after receiving consent from an officer shall be financially responsible for any borrowed equipment.


9)     It shall be the duty of all the members of the department to obey all commands of the officers while on duty.


10) Members shall at all times in answering alarms, drive their personal vehicles in a manner consistent with safety, and with due regard for the welfare of the public and the department.


11) No one is to enter a burning building without the proper fire protective clothing.


12) The first member in the firehouse will answer the fire phone and write down all the necessary information on the fire phone blackboard.


13) No member shall lend to, or allow passing from their possession a fire department key, or divulge the combination of the front door lock to any unauthorized person.