1.      No person other than a member of the department shall be allowed to frequent the firehouse unless he / she is invited or accompanied by a member of the department.


2.      No member shall alter, deface, damage, or willfully misuse fire department property.


3.      All equipment (social) that leaves the firehouse will have the approval of the Chairman or the Co-Chairman of the house committee.


4.      No person shall be allowed to sit on the pool table.


5.      No member shall have his / her feet on any furniture. (Chairs, tables, etc.)


6.      On the meeting night of the Auxiliary of the Taftville Fire Department, the firehouse hall and kitchen shall be OFF LIMITS to all members unless it is urgent fire department business.


7.      No officer or member shall hold conversation detrimental of the department with any person or persons at any time. Infraction of this rule is subject to suspension or dismissal.


8.      When parking in the parking lot of the fire department, FIRST arrivals shall park their vehicles starting at the extreme far end of the parking lot. (ALL PARKING SIGNS SURROUNDING THE FIRE DEPARTMENT WILL BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES.)


9.      No officer or member will park their vehicle on the apron portion of the fire department.


10. Children will not be allowed unattended on any portion of the fire department vehicles.


11. Members using shower or rest rooms must leave the facilities in CLEAN condition.


12. No officer or member shall leave their vehicle parked on fire department property unless they are on fire department business, i.e. fire school, classes, meetings, etc.




Anyone utilizing the fire department facilities for the washing or repair of their personal vehicles MUST abide by the following rules:


1.      In no way will the exit of the fire apparatus be impaired.

2.      No apparatus will be left outdoors in inclement weather with the exception being RESCUE 2 or SERVICE 24 in rain.

3.      No vehicle will be left for repair work inside the firehouse overnight or be left outside for more than a 24-hour period without the permission of an officer.

4.      Any member utilizing fire department property for the repairs or washing of their personal property shall be responsible for the cleaning of the facilities used and returning all equipment to its proper place.

5.      Disposal of drain oil is prohibited on fire department property.