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       Knox Box Reminder .

Knox Boxes were installed in all the apparatus.  The boxes
now need a code to access the key, unlike the earlier
models that needed a tone code set off by dispatch.  

How they work:
When the code is entered into the key pad, a blue strobe
activates indicating the key has been released.  remove the
key from the box.  After use, return the key to the box by
inserting it into the key slot.  To keep track of the key, you
can connect a laptop or a regular computer and down load
who and what time the key was released.  

To get the code contact Car 20 or Car 28
GPM and good training put out fires
Roof modification at TVCCA
While investigating a fire alarm at the TVCCA building on Taftville-Occum Rd we noticed that
some modification had been done to the roof to access a mechanical room in the cockloft.  
Each wing had a mechanical room that house electrical and mechanical equipment.  You will
notice that the construction crew cut through the truss to make this area.  As most already
know trusses kill fireman every year.  note the metal plates holding the trusses together