Apartment Fire - Merchants Ave

June 21, 2008 - At 22:39hrs Taftville was alerted of a building fire on Merchants
Ave.  ET-21 and Tower 25 arrived three minutes from time of call with eight
firefighters and started to search for occupants of the building.  Two occupants
were safely evacuated by members of Tower 25 and the crew of Et-21 started initial
fire attack.  The fire was controlled in about 15 minutes.  Taftville was assisted by
Occum, Yantic FAST, Norwich PD, American Ambulance, and Norwich Public
Utilities.  No injuries were reported.  Norwich FMO is investigating.
Visible fire and smoke form 2nd flr as crews make entry to fire room
Tower 25 crew completes the vent hole above the fire.
ET-21, Tower 25, and ET-22 in front of the fire building.