ET-21 responds to Occum Trailer Fire

Feb 6, 2006 - The Occum Fd was dispatched to smoke in the Trailer at 252 Old Canturbury
Turnpike.  Upon their arrival a light smoke condition and odor of something burning was
found.  Command requested ET-21 for the TIC.  Upon investigating, a small smouldering fire
was discoverd under the trailer in the insulation.  Crews worked to remove the insulation
and check for extension. Heating tape is believe to the cause of the fire
Occum firefighters gain access to under the trailer to remove insulation while Dep
Chief Riley oversees the operation
L to R Taftville ET-21, Occum E-41 (background), and Occum ET-42
Taftvillle Engineer Todd Milhomme and Asst Chief Paul Lebrecque