Taftville Responds to Peachtree Apartment Fire

April 26, 2008 - Around 01:30hrs the City of Norwich fire department and all six Norwich volunteer
department responded to one of the biggest fire in Norwich in decades.  Taftville responded with a
tower ladder, engine and squad with a total of 18 firefighters.  First arriving companies had the difficult
task of ensuring all occupants were evacuated from the building.  Norwich firefighters and Norwich
police did an excellant job of performing evacuations of the all the building on the complex.  it took
firefighters from 17 department and 9 hours to bring this fire under control.  All this was accomplished
NO civilian or firefighters injuries or fatalities.

All Norwich paid, volunteer and surrounding town firefighters worked together as one to bring this fire
under control.  
Thank You to everyone who responded to this major fire in Norwich, your help
was greatly appreciated by the firefighters and the residents of Norwich.