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Have you ever wanted to become a Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical
Technician (EMT), Fire Apparatus Operator, or Water Rescue Diver/Tender. Are you
18 years old or older, if so we have a spot on our roster for you!  If you are between
the aged of 16-18, we may have room for you on our cadet roster.

Taftville Fire Department will provide all equipment and training for free.

  •    Feel the Pride of Helping Your Neighbors
  •    Find Your Lifelong Passion
  •    Learn New Skills
  • Hands on experience to build a resume for a full time emergency service
  • Feeling of accomplishment and reqrds for protecting your community and
  • Free Fire, Rescue, and EMS training
  • Pension Plan
  • Property Tax Abatement
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