Taftville responds to over 100 Calls for Service During Major Rain Storm

March 29,2010 - A major storm hit Connecticut causing historic flooding in most of Eastern Ct.  Taftville was like
most towns and had there share of floods, evacuations and basement pumping.  The hardest hit area for flooding
was around the Shetucket River.  RT-12, Jewett City Rd and Bolduc Lane took the brunt of the river water.  Taft
Station is the merge point of the Quinebaug River and the Shetucket River.  Also during this storm Taftville crews
had two small fires, assisted Jewett City Fire during flood evacuations and a couple auto accidents.
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RT-12 Flooding from the two rivers
Rt-12 flood effected many businesses and Homes
Norwich Golf Driving Range under water
First Student School buses under water
Bob's Discount furniture warehouse lot under water
A shot from the RR bridge on the Shetucket looking up the Quinebaug River
First Students buses were moved to high land at
Wequonnoc School
Tower-25, ET-21 and Boat-2 in quarters for some R&R