Taftville Firefighter Assist & Search Team

In 1995, The Taftville fire department saw there was a need for a team of firefighters who are trained to help assist or
rescue firefighters who become trapped, injured or lost during their duties as firefighters.  The members of the Taftville
fire department started to train our members on the proper procedures and techniques for rescuing injured and
trapped firefighters.  Taftville has become the FAST team for the towns of Jewett City, Griswold, Lisbon, & 2nd FAST for
City of Norwich.  There are times that the FAST is used to assist in suppressing the fire.  If this does occurr, a 2nd
FAST team is put into place, whether it is made of personnel on scene or a special call for another team.

The Taftville FAST consists of a Engine Co with 6 CT State Certified firefighters & Emergency Medical Technicians with
special training in firefighter rescue.  Each trained firefighter carries an SCBA, Flashlight, Rescue Rope, the team has
carries a Thermal Imaging Camera, 2 Power Saws, FAST Pack, Ax, Halligan Tool, and portable radio.  
FAST team members prepare a downed
firefighter for removal
FAST team members practice removing a
downed firefighter up a staircase
A recent FAST team call to Lisbon
A FAST assignment to Griswold