Speeding Results in Rollover

Oct 13, 2007 - At around 22:00hrs, residents of Mohegan Park Rd were awakened to a SUV rollover.  
The Taftville Fire Department, Norwich Police and American Ambulance were dispatched and arrived to
find a SUV that had rolled over numerous times.  Too the surprise of first responders there were only
minor injuries with the help of the use of seatbelts and an airbag.   In past weeks, the state has had it's
share of fatal accident resulting from teenage drivers.  This incident happens as two local  teenagers
were returning from the NFA Homecoming dance.  Luckily there were only minor injuries, but it could of
been a lot worse.  Norwich Police stated they believe the speed of the vehicle was 60+,  Calculation still
needed to be done.  The vehicle rolled approximately 400ft.   

The Taftville Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to please drive
carefully and always wear your seatbelt!